Not coping with the recent death of my wonderful husband

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    What is it about anniversaries? It’s a year today that Philip and I went to see our two week old puppy, Lottie for the first time. Such a happy day looking forward to long walks together, and visits to the beach. Sadly it wasn’t to be. We collected her on 17th December, and by the time her injections were all done and she was able to be taken out, my lovely man wasn’t well enough to walk with us. Such a lot has happened in such a short time. Feeling sad

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    07/11/2018  14:52

    I’m sorry to read how sad you are feeling Polpatt. Anniversaries and special days can really heighten our emotions particularly when they highlight something you are not sharing together as you planned. 


    I am aware that Cruse have an information page around this topic which you can read here:


    If anybody would like to share any tips on coping then please join in.


    We’re here on the Support Line as well if there are days you need a listening ear.


    Sam - Support Line Officer

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    Hello Polpatt. Anniversaries are times when I keep myself extra busy. On Bill's birthday last year I had a chatty lunch with a friend as my daughter and family were away. This year I am spending it with them at their home. On wedding anniversaries I make sure I am lunching with someone, similarly on my birthday. I am hoping that as time passes these dates will get easier but at least we know when they are coming and can plan ahead and they will become times to cherish happy memories. Take care, treat yourself kindly and remember happy times.xx

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    Hi Girls, I had a wobble of a day yesterday, I had a day when I was making wrong decisions and ended up paying unnecessary money every month on a year contract that I agreed, I made such a mess of it all. All I kept thinking was Roger used to sort all this out and I can't do this.... it made me feel so useless, as I have lost my rock and support.

    The tears are always just underneath the surface and can't control them when I think he is not here anymore, I'm sure all of you here know what I am talking about. Nobody would really understand until you loose you husband. Everyone thinks I am fine and I don't want to go into saying 'no, actually I'm not fine I feel so depressed and sad' but you just have to put on a brave face. sorry to ramble but feel really down today. Think I need chocolate...

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    Hi Carol50,


    I am sorry to read that yesterday was a wobbly day. I am no expert regarding money and contracts but I was wondering if you only signed yesterday is there a 14-day cooling off period? Please check your contract and maybe seek advice from the Money Advice Service , you can read more here if you want to:


    We very much hope that this space is one where you don’t feel you must put on your brave face but that you can share your genuine thoughts and feelings. If you ever need to talk our Support Line can provide you with a friendly, supportive listening ear. Take care.