Lost my dad

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    20/01/2018  22:28

    I lost my dad on the 25th October 2017 I feel so empty and lost he battled pancreatic cancer for 2 years how do you cope with the pain .

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    20/01/2018  22:32

    It is a horrible time for you but believe me it will get better it’s so early just now your lost after everything that’s happened I have been there with my dad the time after is the worst I know but your dad would want you to carry on like any parent and fine your own way to cope I struggled for a long time I could say now 2 years on I am better than I was I hope you find some help with the pain of loosing him 😞

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    23/01/2018  12:03

    Hi Mazey57,

    Thank you for sharing your experience on the Community with us, I hope Laurie is able to take some comfort from this. 

    Please be aware that we are here to provide listening ear and emotional support if ever you need us.

    Best Wishes


    Marie Curie Support Line