Liver cancer

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    09/10/2017  20:51

    My dad has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. His tumour is 13cm and we have just been told there is nothing they can do for him other than offer palliative chemotherapy. They have also advised that he needs to consider if he wants to take the chemotherapy as this will make him feel worse. He is in hospital at the moment but due to be discharged this week. I am worried how we will cope with his condition at home as everything seems so uncertain. They are reluctant to tell us how long he has left and as a consequence I feel that every day is his last.

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    13/10/2017  10:42

    Hi Lisa, I am sorry to read about your dad’s diagnosis. Has dad had chance to speak to a specialist or Macmillan nurse, as they will be able to offer him information about his condition and his options. We are also aware that Cancer Research UK have nurses on their helpline on 0808 800 4040, if you wish to discuss medical issues.


    It is important to discuss dads needs and for information on managing when dad comes home you may want to read the information here. We also have information about Palliative Care here. If you would like to discuss this with us in more detail please contact our free Support Line on 0800 090 2309.


    Best Wishes




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    13/10/2017  17:15

    Thank you for your reply. We have been to see an oncologist today and unfortunately he is too unwell for chemotherapy. Where that leaves us now is anyone’s guess. I so wanted to ask the ‘how long’ question but he was with me and I thought if he wanted to know he would have asked himself. I suspect that it isn’t long as his tumour is very aggressive and growing rapidly. I am heartbroken and feel so let down by the Trust who are seeing him. Delays of 7 weeks to report his CT may have potentially cost him his future