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  • Blondie47

    Hi Lisa no we haven’t been given anything he’s not on meds he’s been offered treatment where they go in through the groin and blast the tumour with chemo to cut the blood supply off they said it could give him an extra 3 months. But it comes with high risks Dad wants to try so have to support him so now we r waiting for an app could take a month ! They chose not to do a biopsy a year ago said there was no need then decided to do one and here we are x Thanku for replying it’s just nice to know someone is out there xxx

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  • LisaF

    Hi is that SIRT treatment ? Hope it goes well for him. Unfortunately they couldn’t give that to my dad and he is too weak for chemo. I’m furious really because the trust delayed reporting his CT scan by 7 weeks. If they had done it on time he was much fitter and may have been able to have treatment. I have complained but to be honest I think they will just say it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would get in touch with MacMillan they have been great with the family xxx

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  • Blondie47

    Hi Lisa not sure the name of it . Understand your frustration we’ve had to ring ever day for a month for his biopsy to b done then another month for results it’s precious time wasted and there our dads we want them forever that’s the trouble . I’m so sorry your dad couldn’t have that treatment you just want to give them ever possible chance x Thinking of u and your family x I’ve had a better day today but who knows what I’ll b like tomorrow hope your days been ok sending love and hugs your way Emma xxx

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