Life after becoming a widow

  • 14/11/2018  11:29

    Hello everybody .my husband died 18 months ago , apart from it feels like 10 years ago, the guilt , sadness, I feel so selfish because when i cry its for myself . Where do you go for help?

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    Hi Sunshinelady,


    I am sorry to read about the recent death of your husband and how that is impacting on you. The emotions you are expressing are a very normal part of the grieving process. Crying for yourself is a natural reaction to your loss and the changes you are experiencing. Not only are you grieving for your husband but you may also be mourning for the loss of the future plans you had mapped out. If you need to talk to our Support Line is available for a listening ear, you may also find the information on this page helpful:


    We have an active thread on the community where other members who have also lost their partners are talking, if you would like to join in with the conversation there you would be very welcome:


    Take care,