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  • Struggling with two losses



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    Hi, this year has been and will be the worst ever, last November my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I found it very hard to except the fact that my mum would die, at the end of January this year she passed away at home with the family around her, 1 week later my sister died, we had my mum's & my sisters funeral on the same day, 4 weeks ago we skatterd my sisters ashes and since then things have just got harder and harder, I've been having dreams about my mum, in my dreams my mum is pulling me towards her, this is freaking me out to say the least, I've been to the doctors and antidepressants just seems the answer to everything! Has anyone gone through a similar situation to myself or had strange dreams about loved ones? How did you cope? I don't know what to do or who to turn to, to get me through this but this post hopefully is a start

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  • Support


    Hi Sam365,


    You’ve been through so much this year it’s understandable that you’re feeling that you don’t know what to do or who to turn to. It’s not uncommon to dream about a loved one but it can be hard if they are distressing rather than comforting dreams.


    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t find the support you were looking for when you saw your doctor. People often tell me that they’ve found being able to talk to others who have been bereaved helpful. I hope you will find reaching out here on the community a positive first step.


    If your mum or sister received support from a hospice they might well have a bereavement support group and/or counselling. A charity called Cruse also offer support in this way. If you feel this would be a good option for you then you can find out about their services local to you here:


    The community and our Support Line are here with a listening ear Sam.

    Take care,



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