Struggling with the loss of my Husband

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    My Husband passed away at Christmas time after a 3 month battle with Cancer. He was only 40 years of age and I have been widowed at 33. We had our whole lives ahead of us and now it has been taken away from us. Things haven’t quite hit me yet and it’s as if I’m supporting everyone else and putting on a brave face in front of everyone but deep down I’m broken inside. It still doesn’t seem real to me as I feel as if he’s working away just now and will come walking back through the door again soon.

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    25/01/2019  16:00

    Hello Innes985,


    We’re sorry to read about the recent loss of your husband in such a short space of time.


    It’s understandable that you say you feel as though things haven’t quite hit you yet. Whilst grief is unique for all, it can be normal to experience feelings of shock and a sense of unreality about what has happened.


    We often hear on our Support Line from people that have lost loved ones that they feel the need to put on a brave face for others. Whilst there is no right or wrong way to cope with bereavement, it’s important to take time to look after yourself and to do what feels right for you. We have information that you may find useful about this on our webpage here: 


    You mention in your post that you had your whole lives ahead of you. Whilst you are grieving your husband, it’s very normal to also be grieving for the plans that you made together. We feature information about getting support which you may find helpful to take a look at on our website here:  


    While we hope that others on this community will share their personal experiences of grief and offer their support to you, we are here to offer a listening ear on our Support Line. You can reach us either by calling Freephone 0800 090 2309, or please feel free to continue to talk to us and others through here.


    Take care,


    Ross – Support Line Officer

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    26/01/2019  00:23

    So sorry to hear about your husband Innes985,I can relate to your pain as I lost my husband four months ago.and I’m struggling thoughts are with you....