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  • Son with terminal cancer



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    My son has been diagnosed with terminal cancer he started with testicular and went through chemo the first didn't work so they gave him a stronger dose and it seems to have worked he got married in June and went for his scan in October to be told that it was back and in his Liver and there is only months left . I just don't know how to cope with this he wants everything as normal as possible which I can understand but he lives 3 hours away from us and we go every weekend but I just can't seem to function I have seen my doctor who gave me some pills but I just feel in constant panic I just don't think I can cope .

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  • Support

    Hi Mickey,


    I’m sorry to hear about your son and everything you are going through as a family. Living far away from a loved one can be particularly hard. Sometimes people can feel it results in them putting extra pressure on themselves for everything to be exactly right during the time they are together.


    Knowing that a loved one only has months left can bring such raw and difficult emotions to try and cope with, it can feel overwhelming. It’s positive that you have been to see your GP and it’s ok to visit them again if you feel you need to. Some people find that it helps to talk about how they are feeling with somebody not immediately connected; your GP can also offer information about accessing counselling services to help you manage how you are feeling. You may also find it helpful to look at the MIND information pages here


    If you would like to talk about things in more detail please call our Free phone Support Line on 0800 090 2309, or drop us a line via Web Chat:


    Best Wishes


    Clare (Marie Curie Support Line)


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