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    Hi is there support group in the Solihull area? I've lost both both parents in 5 months to cancer and would like to chat to other people who have lost people close to them

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    02/03/2017  10:18

    Hi Neil,

    I am so sorry to read about the death of both of your parents in the last 5 months.  Talking is a great way to help you come to terms with your bereavements and you  are more than welcome to talk to us at the Support Line on      0800 090 2309.

    Were either of your parents treated at the Marie Curie Hospice at all?  If so you might want to contact them directly to see what support they can offer you.

    Other organisations that may be able to help are :

    Solihull Cruse: 0121 424 5103

    Solihull Bereavement Counselling Service: 0121 424 5103

    Best wishes


    Marie Curie Support Line