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  • Palliative chemotherapy or not?



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    My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and had surgery. It’s now spread to he liver and palliative chemo has been suggested. She had a rubbish time with chemo last year and can’t work out whether to accept less time and no chemo or more time and risk the chemo side effects. Does anyone have advice on how to work out whether time or quality of life are more important? We don’t know where to start really. 


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  • Kirstyn

    Hello, thank you for coming to our community forum today and we’re sorry to read about your mum’s diagnosis and all she is going through. We are thankful that you have shared your current situation with us and others on our forum and there may be people going through similar to help you through these decisions. We can appreciate you would like some more information around what may be best for mum in this situation. Its a very personal decision, it may be worth discussing options with your GP and also cancer research may have some information to help her make it here -

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