Newly bereaved

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    19/10/2015  06:16

    I recently four months ago, lost my mum, who was 88 years old.  I have always lived with my mum, and taken care of her for the past few years.  I do not really have any true friends, but have a wonderful dog who has kept me going.

    My mum died in my arms, suddenly after suffering a massive stroke, and I cannot deal with the loneliness.

    It will be her birthday in November which will be terrible, and then Xmas.

    How do people cope alone?

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    22/10/2015  12:57

    Hi Jetsmum,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum.  It can be really difficult when we lose a parent and I can imagine that your grief is overwhelming especially if you were living with and caring for mum 24/7. It can be very hard to adjust to life after loss but finding ways to get more social contact can help to reduce the loneliness, your lovely dog may be able to help you with this, is there perhaps a dog walking group in your area you could join? Many people find support through online communities such as this and your local paper may well advertise local events that you could join in.

    If you need to talk you could contact us here on the Marie curie support line 0800 090 2309 and perhaps we could look at other ideas or just help you to ease that loneliness that you are feeling.