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    After two weeks of being looked after by family and my husbands funeral on Friday I have arrived home today.  I know it's early days but I feel so so alone.  Everywhere I look there are reminders which are both comforting and painful.  My husband had multiple myeloma since 2005, he fought so bravely but the last two years got the better of him.  It's only three weeks ago tomorrow I was told it would be weeks rather than months.  I was still in denial as he had fought this battle so many times, but he is no longer with me it's still not real.  

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    Hi Suzi,

    Loosing somebody close to us affects everyone in differently and grief is a very normal and natural reaction to this. There's no right or wrong way to grieve ,and everyone experiences it differently. The important thing is to let yourself grieve and mourn as long as you need to.

    Although grieving is painful,in time these feelings begin to change as you adapt to a different life. Grief can never be fixed,diminished or taken away. It becomes part of us,and shapes the rest of our lives. We have lots of information about grief and grieving that it may you to read:

    Many people also tell us that it helps to talk and if you would like to talk to us on the Support Line please call 0800 090 2309.

    Kind Regards


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