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    Does anyone have any advice on family caregivers to someone in final stages of terminal cancer, all the symptoms are there, refusing/unable to eat or drink anything at all really, chronic fatigue, etc, but still in total denial or willing to broach the subject, countering every suggestion of nutrition, medication etc. With "when I'm stronger, I've been like this before in my life" she is refusing to mention any new symptoms (such as swollen feet, total loss of appetite etc..) to any medical professional. And gets very angry with family if we do. Also dealing with elderly husband in denial too. 

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    Hello there, welcome to the Community.  I do hope that you find this a source of support and comfort during this difficult time.  This must be an incredibly difficult time for you and your family and I do hope that you have a good network of people supporting you both emotionally and practically.  Denial at this stage is not uncommon though it poses many challenges for the loves ones who may want to have important conversations with the patient.  You may find this link useful  I would also encourage you to talk to the professionals involved in her care so they can support you.  Do please pop back onto here to let us know how you are getting on.  You are in my thoughts. x

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