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  • My sister is dying



    3 replies

    I am trying to stay strong but feel broken.. I used to be a family of 5 and I may soon be the only one left at 45 as I know my mum who is 69 will die of a broken heart soon after my sister.. this is going to be the worst year of my life and I dont know if Im strong enough to cope alone how can I prepare when Im hanging on by a thread will I come out the other side and if so how can I cope with no immediate family my daughters 11 I want to stay happy and her sunshine but feel Im about to change forever

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  • Tina19

    Edited by Tina19 7 years ago

    Hello Cazmack

    I'm so sorry to read of your distress and anguish, everything probably seems so frightening and overwhelming. It's not surprising you feel broken.

    I've been using the Sue Ryder Charity Online Community for 5 months after losing my Husband to a terminal heart condition.  If I could rewind his illness  I would do so many things differently.  If I may be so bold I would like to say use the time to make as many memories as you can with your Sister and worry about anything else later.  Easier said than done, I know.  We can't help but worry.  I was in denial and wouldn't acknowledge what was happening and I regret this.  

    For now try not to focus on being strong, it's enough just to get by.  There are lots of people to share your story with as well on the forum I use (Sue Ryder) as I think it can help to be a member of more than one sometimes.  

    Warmest regards.

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  • Cazmack

    Thank you Tina times will be hard I need to get out of the grief and anger and as you say make memories whilst we can its too raw just now hopefully I can move on quick so we can make special memories..

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  • deekay

    Hi. I want first to say how sorry I am for your sad situation. I can identify with it my sister is 35 and dying we are a family of 5 and we are all devastated we too are worried that our mum, 65 will buckle when the time comes.I just wanted to say you are not alone please send me a meaaage should you need to talk x

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