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  • My sister and bladder cancer



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    This is our story

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  • Puggysue


    I know exactly how you feel except I'm the big sister and she is my baby sister by 10 years. My sister was first diagnosed with bowel cancer about 6 years ago, she had the bowel removed and a colostomy bag fitted. About three years ago it was found she had lung cancer during a check up and went on to have part of her lung removed. She was told she was cancer free. Last year another spot was found on her lung and this time they said she needed a 6 month course of chemo. On Wednesday last week she was rushed into hospital unable to keep anything down and in terrible pain. Since then we've learnt that the cancer has spread to her bones and back  and she has a tumour in her eye. Seeing her lying in the hospital bed broke my heart! We are four sisters and will always be four!! It's far too soon to lose one of us, she is only 42. I want to hold her and tell her everything will be alright and to stop the pain but I can't! We've been told she may have a couple of months but if I'm honest, I don't think she has. But while she's here there's hope and I know she will fight all she can as she doesn't want to leave her family. If you ever feel like talking then I'd be happy to talk to you, a big hug to you, your sister and your family

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