My dad has end stage liver disease

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    10/07/2016  22:30

    Need to know whats to come

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    10/07/2016  22:32

    My dad got told 8 weeks ago he only has months left to live with end stage liver disease i just want to know if anyone can tell me how fast this will progress and what to look out for

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    14/07/2016  10:56

    Hi Kirsty,


    I am sorry to read about your Dad’s diagnosis. Here on the Information and Support line we are not medically trained so therefore cannot give you direct information about the progress of your Dad’s illness. I would suggest that you speak to your Dad’s Consultant or take a look at We do have general information on preparing for the end of life which you can find here: Our booklet ‘what to expect at the end of someone’s life’ may also help you. If you would like to talk to us please call on telephone 0800 090 2309.