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    Hi there, 

    I am a singer songwriter and I lost my Mum to cancer 6 years ago. she was my inspiration, taught me how to play guitar and told me to follow my dreams! It has been incredible hard to deal with but music has been my catharsis... Since then I've dedicated my life to spreading positivity and love wherever I can, and I wrote a song called "Atoms" which I wanted to share on here. I hope it will help anyone else dealing with grief and bereavement and give some positivity and hope. Here's the you tube link to the acoustic version. It's also on Spotify and iTunes. Sending love out there. 

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  • Clare

    Hello Sunflower4,


    What a lovely song you have written, thank you for sharing it with us and others. It’s heart-warming to hear how music, something so important to both you and mum, has helped you.


    We hope you continue to follow your dreams.


    Take care,

    Clare - Support Line Team

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