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  • Loss of mother is affecting my mental health and relationships or just escape to face my problems.



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    Hi everyone I am rey from india I have lost my mom last year in the month of August due to chronic kindney issues.however we were not expecting her death in such a sudden way.sometimes it's very difficult to get through the day in terms of work and even getting up.falling asleep is still a major problem along with that it is affecting my health.I feel anxious started doubting my self and my decision making skills and feels like I am loosing my self. I am 30 and in a long distance relationship with my bf however it is affecting that don't know it's the reason or there are other reasons and I am not ready to accept it. There are days I feel hollow hopeless and need so much of reassurance and I feel so stuck in life. I am regularly eating and started my gyming however still this feeling of being alone and lost is there . Is it normal? I am a psychologist myself but unable to help myself anymore. I do feel guilty sad and want to run away from all these.kindly share your thoughts.thank you.

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  • Hannah11

    Edited by Hannah11 3 years ago

    Hello Rey,

    Welcome to Marie Curie's Online Community. I'm sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your mum and all that you experienced as a family. 

    Grief can bring many powerful emotions which can affect us all differently. I'm sorry to hear about how it is affecting you. Have you spoken to your healthcare provider about not being able to sleep or the feelings of anxiousness you are experiencing? They may be able to suggest some things to help. 

    The feelings of hollow hopelessness you have described can be perfectly normal when we are trying to cope with a bereavement, especially a sudden one. It's important to be kind to yourself during this time, doing as little or as much as you feel able and bravely reaching out for support as you have done by posting here.


    The Marie Curie website has some information around grieving in your own way that you may find helpful to look at here: 

    There is an organisation that we are aware of called Befriender's Worldwide that you may find helpful to take a look at here: You may find that they are able to help you find some support in India. I hope that others will read your post and share their experiences with you also. 

    We are here for you if you ever need us. 

    Take care, 

    Hannah - Support Line Officer. 

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