Looking after our terminally Ill Mama

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    We were given the crushing news that our mother has only weeks to live last Thursday. She's been amazing and fought this disease since 2003. I am overwhelmed with grief, I am finding it very hard to cope with being anywhere with people and have been experiencing panic attacks, nausea and dizziness. I am so angry too. These are all of the same feelings I had when my Father died very suddenly 15 years ago. Is it normal to feel this distraught, before death occurs? We've known since 2010 that her disease is terminal. I just can't stop crying. I try and be very cheerful and bright when I am with our Mama. Has anyone else had these feelings? 

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    Hi songbird

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mama. Even when someone's been fighting a disease for a long time, it still comes as a huge shock when they're told they're not going to get better. I think how you're feeling definitely isn't unusual - it's normal to start grieving when you know you don't have very long left together, and there's no right or wrong way to do that. Everyone's different, the main thing is to let yourself grieve in your own way. I hope you're looking after yourself too - if you or your family need support at any time you can always look at Marie Curie's website or ring the Support Line (0800 090 2309). It's such a difficult time to go through, and I really feel for you.