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  • Lockdown



    4 replies

    How has lockdown affected your grieving process? Has it made it harder, or given you time to really reflect and grieve?

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  • mwills

    I have found it a bit surreal. I have not been able to go to two funerals (that I would have normally) during the last few months because of restrictions, and I've found it very hard to support those friends that lost loved ones in the ways that I would normally because I can't see them.

    At the same time it has helped me to reflect and probably take a bit more time to grieve than I could normally, so it's not been so bad in that sense.


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  • aline

    It's definitely made it harder. Seeing people you love, attending a funeral are an important part of the recovering process after a bereavement and that was taken from us. 

    Although I agree with the comment above, it gave us more time and space to grieve. Being away from the office environment longer that you normally would really helps. Sometimes you feel ok to carry on working you just don't want to be surrounded by other people. 

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  • rebec12341

    I have found it difficult to have the news talk about death all the time. 

    It makes me acknowledge my own grief which I am still dealing with. 

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  • HannahJG

    Thank you for all of your replies, it is interesting to hear different views.

    I agree with all of your comments, these are difficult times at it is let alone when you're trying to deal with grief. Personally, I feel it has given me more time to really think and reflect - time which I may not have had pre Covid. However, that time has highlighted how very real my grief is. 

    Not being able to see loved ones at the time you need them most has been very tough. 

    Please ensure you use this platform (and other resources) to reach out should you need. 

    Take care everyone, 

    Hannah - Community Superuser

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