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    I'm a carcinoid sufferer. I just want to chat with hurts to chat with the wife. Mine is not operable as too many tumours on outside of Liver.i can be contacted on here.

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    Hi Derek,

    I am sorry to read about your diagnosis. Many people tell us that it can be difficult to talk with the people closest to them. Uncertainty and change can be overwhelming and you may have many questions which don't have any definitive answers. If talking to family and friends is too difficult, you might want to talk to someone who is removed from your situation. You are always welcome to speak with us on the Support Line or your doctor or nurse can help you to find a counsellor in your area. Our article 'Coping with your feelings' has more information.

    If you would like to talk about how you are feeling in more detail please call our Free phone Support Line on 0800 090 2309, or drop us a line via Web Chat:


    Best Wishes


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