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  • In honour of Eileen may she rest in peace



    2 replies

    Good afternoon everyone from Wellington New Zealand; I have just lost one of my best friends in England   who was 95 years of age; she was a true delight; she was clever, witty kind  and unconditionally loving; She lived life to the full and she was a role model for me; I would love to share a picture of her here; is that alllowed?; May you rest in the deepest peace Eileen;

     I would love to post some of my favourite memories of Eileen in the days ahead; I have ordered a photo book so I can put all my top photos of her in the album; We have just planted a lemon tree today as she loved lemons; I am having a Catholic Mass said for her on Sunday; It feels very good to honour her this way. I want to cultivate the qualities she demonstrated of  love, patience, gentleness  and joy

    I will write more tomorrow; thank you for letting me share ; my husband and I have joined a walk to raise money for cats as Eileen was passionate about cats; this feels good.

    Can I take advantage of the bereavement calls as my mate died in England and I am English/British ; I am just in New Zealand at present; I have free calling to UK landlines and mobiles and also zoom and skype etc

    Thank you so much for letting me share every good wish Susan 

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  • Clare

    Hello Susan,


    Welcome to our online community.


    We’re sorry to hear about the recent loss of your close friend, Eileen. Thank you for sharing with us what this friendship has meant to you and the ways in which you are finding to honour her. Yes, it’s fine to share a photo of Eileen with the community. Sharing photos can be a lovely way of remembering those who have been an important part of our lives. You may also want to take a look at the Marie Curie Memory Cloud, which is an online space to reflect on a loved one’s life and share special memories with friends and family -

    Unfortunately, at the moment our telephone bereavement service is only available to those who are based in the U.K. However, as well as sharing some of your favourite memories of Eileen on here you would be welcome to chat with one of the team about how you are feeling through our webchat service on our website - . If the time difference between the UK and New Zealand makes this practical for you?

    Take care and stay safe,


    Clare – Marie Curie Support Line Team

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  • sueangel

    Thank you so much Clare; I totally get this; this is wonderful; I will look at the Marie Curie Memory Cloud, that sounds wonderful and I would love to use the web chat too; that is so marvellous ; thank you Susan

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