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  • how to obtain hospice



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    hi everyone

    I'm new here and desparate for help and advice. my mother is 85 and has copd. we are unsure what stage she is at as we just cant get the help we so desperately need to find this out. over the last 5 weeks shes has deteriorated rapidly. She is pain and this isn't being managed well at all. she is now housebound and can only walk a few steps before becoming really breathless. she has no quality of life anymore and after 4 Emergency dept visits via 999 in the last 5 weeks we have still not received any help or medication reviews and she remains in pain. she now has pressure sore too. it is her wish to be on hospice care ( this has always been her wish for many years) I truly believe this is the beginning of the end and she has also said she knows she is dying yet no one will listen.

    I am planning to get her gp out tomorrow to see her and to ask to be referred to marie curie (we are in Bradford) the ideal would be at home with visits to clinic if I can get her there but she does not want to die at home.

    please can anyone give advise on this situation if we do ask for referral is the gp likely to refuse? I'm at my wits end and so tired.

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  • Support

    Hi Louiser,


    I’m sorry to hear what your mother is going through, it sounds a distressing situation for you both. Everyone with a terminal illness has the right to high quality palliative care.


    Having an appointment with the GP is an appropriate step as when someone is at home it is the GP who leads their medical care. They can assess and then access the relevant palliative care support for their patient, whether this is about pain management or hospice care. You may wish to look at our information on getting care and support for a loved one with a terminal illness prior to your mothers appointment with her GP


    Is your mother currently receiving any support from her local district nursing team? If not, you may also want to ask the GP to make a referral to them so the nurses can assess the pressure sore that your mother has and provide appropriate treatment. Our information on pressure ulcers may be useful


    If you would like to talk about things in more detail please call our Freephone Support Line on 0800 090 2309, or get in touch with us through our web chat function here:


    Best Wishes




    Marie Curie Support Line

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