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  • how fovi live without my brother he's the only family I have



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    My brother is my rock. As a child of the care system I grew up not knowing or feeling a sense of belonging. Until 4 1/2 years ago. I was told I had twin brothers one who had sadly passed at 16 yrs old. I began my research and found Gary. I spoke to people who knew him m they encouraged me to make contact. I did and from that day he's been my rock my confidon and my best true friend. We laugh listen get upset with each other and over the nnearly 5 yrs I have the most amazing bond I'm do grateful for his love support n laughs we have shared. Never did I imagine at 40 I would have to learn to live without my 28 yr old bbrother.. How do I cope stay strong say the right words. He's the one dying its selfish but I'm overwhelmed with his sense of absence and how its affecting me and he's leaving soon hes madecme aware today 2 months did you need to get that into your head...

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  • Jane


    Hi garysbigsis, I'm so sorry about what you're going through. It's devastating to find out that your newly found little brother has a terminal diagnosis, especially when he's the only family you have. The feelings of loss and grief must be overwhelming.

    People who've been in similar situations say that often it can help a little to try to make the most of the time you have left together. It's best to let your brother be the guide of the time you spend together and what you talk about, but having that time can help you both, now and for you in the future.

    If you think it might help, we do have some information on our website about coping with grief and about being there for someone with a terminal illness. And if you need somebody to talk to, either for information or just about how you're feeling, there's always our Support Line. Everyone in this community will be thinking of you.

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