Hi all

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    20/01/2015  10:59

    Hi folks, I'm Pete. 51 yrs old and from Solihull. Married for 25 yrs to Tracey, we have 3 children.

    I was diagnosed in October 2014 with Lung cancer, this had already spread to other areas, main two being Bones and Brain.

    Thought it would be good for me to pop on here and just maybe have a chat sometimes, atleast while I can.

    Would possibly like to get to meet others with terminal cancer if there are any groups in the local area.

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    28/01/2015  22:06

    Hi Leggy. I am new to the Community, haven't yet introduced myself but notice that you have not had any responses to your post. I just wanted to say 'hi.' I nursed my young husband through terminal cancer & have multiple experiences of friends and family with terminal diagnosis. I wondered if you had yet found any support groups in your area? Best wishes to you.