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    3 replies

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Mum has terminal cancer. We only found out a few weeks ago. Managed to get her home with me. I have been looking after her for a while now and means the world to me. She is declining fast and may only have days to a week left. She is sleeping most of the time now. It is so hard to see her like this. I had a bad day today and feel really low. Sleeping in mums bedroom to make sure she is ok. Hopefully get a decent nights sleep.

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  • MarkWilkin

    Hi sorry to hear it's so hard at the moment and I hope you're doing ok. If there's anything practical you need a hand with give us a ring on the support line on 0800 090 2309. Otherwise stay in touch and please use the community for what you need to, be it questions or if you just need to talk.

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  • Barriescroggs

    Hi Mark thanks for your reply. Sadly mum paassaed away thursday morning. It was my birthday as well. She did not have time to write in my birthday cards. I wrote in them for her. I read them to her early thursday morning kissed her and said thanks. Five minutes later she passed away. I was with her at the time which i grateful for. I gave her a cuddle and cried. She was in no pain at the end. I will miss her terribly. I looked after. Her for so long. She was my best friend. Trying to keep busy at moment, it is when I stop things get a bit much. Thinking of all the good times and that she is at peace now. I will think of her every day and say I love you mum.

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  • TheHodCarrier

    You will probably have a lot of mixed emotions for the next days or weeks - I think that doing whatever feels right for you, is the way to go.

    My mum died at home, and because of what happened directly after she had died, my memories of her death 'are not at all good', but I think you might have some trouble with your beloved mum dying on your birthday. My mum died about a week before Christmas, and Christmas 'is not the same' any more, for me.

    I'm pleased that your mum was not in pain at the end, and I hope you manage to recall the good times, and not so much the bad times - nobody can really do much to help, but you certainly have my best wishes [not that they are worth much].

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