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  • AndreaDaughter

    Hi Jaci,

    I can't lie, I've had a tricky week, emotionally but HAVE been also wondering how you are doing? I hope you are finding strength with each 'hurdle' that is being thrown your way and try to remember that although you may not feel that you can get through each day, you will. Somehow you just do. So, my reason for this post is just to let you know that you are being thought of and prayed for. Wishing you Peace, Strength and Love

    Andrea x

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  • Jaci

    Dear Andrea, really sorry to hear you have had a tricky week, I know it is not easy, but it is so kind of you to still have a thought for us. Not been particularly good week as my husband is getting weaker with every day but remains as stoic as ever, it is heartbreaking just having to watch the person you love slowly slipping away from you.  I hope you and your Mum continue to gain comfort from each other.

    Please can I ask did your Dad sleep a lot towards the end? The PC nurse tell me that this is just a natural progression.

    Take care and love to you both.


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  • AndreaDaughter

    Edited by AndreaDaughter 9 years ago

    Evening x Dad did sleep a lot but was anxious not to sleep in bed (he was up to having a LOT of pillows) for a time and so, sadly would sleep on an upright chair, resting his arms on a table - it was a shame that he felt unable to relax in bed as he would've seemed so much more comfortable, but you go with what your loved one wants don't you? So yes, dad did sleep more and more - at the time we put it down to the fact that his sleep was restless as he wasn't really in a comfortable position and therefore wasn't getting quality sleep but in hindsight it was probably the HF xx

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  • Jaci

    Hi Andrea, thanks so much for your reply, because what you describe is exactly what we are going through, my husband has terrible panic attacks when in bed, even though we have a hospital bed that enables him to be almost upright, so like your Dad we end up back in lounge in his chair most nights and I lie on the setee.  I jst hope that our conversing like this does not bring back too many painful memories for you, so please tell me if you find it too hard.

    Love Jaci

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  • AndreaDaughter

    Morning Jaci -

    Kind of you to think of my wellbeing but it's fine - in actual fact, the feeling of possibly helping someone else, even if just for a nano second, helps somehow.

    My dad moved downstairs & had a hospital bed and mum borrowed a pull down bed - it's really important that you look after yourself too - I know it's not necessarily what you want to hear but it really is true Jaci - can you source a temporary bed to sleep by his side? I understand completely your need to 'sleep' by his side and I'm not suggesting you alter this, but maybe a bed rather than a sofa might be a good idea? I can't remember what those beds are called - the ones that pull down/ push up easily that actually don't take up much room at all? If you think it will help, ask around or see if your daughter could ask on Facebook, etc? That's what we did for mum.

    How's his eating? We got lots of lemonade ice lollies and pre-made jellies in for Dad, although that was nearer the end.

    Another thing, as I'm thinking, was some oral moisture sticks to help dad feel that his mouth wasn't too dry or uncomfortable - I only say this Jaci as we had to order them from the chemist and therefore had to wait a few days, when, in your situation you just don't feel you can wait for anything....they were inexpensive but very, very helpful as we felt in some small way we were helping to care and showing our love for him x 

    Thinking of you (sorry for bombarding you with such a long post (again!))

    Wishing you a gentle day


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