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    14/01/2015  14:44

    Hi I am new to the site and care for my husband aged 70 who has advanced stomach cancer. He was diagnosed in December 2013 and had chemo until July 2014. He has been refused further chemo because he lost too much weight due to a blockage. He now has a gastric stent but is restricted in what he can eat. He has put on some weight but finds it hard to regain his strength. Life is a big worry.

  • 21/01/2015  17:29

    Hi GrandmaFox

    Life is a very big worry when you are caring for someone who is terminally ill. I seemed to spend every other sentence repeating "Are you okay?" to my husband! I know it's easy to say, yet hard to do, but try to only worry about the things that are happening now. They are the things you can do something about - rather than the 'maybes' which may happen sometime in the future.