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  • Hello From a very worried carer



    2 replies

    Hi I am just checking in.I am a carer for my poorly Hubby, who has prostate, bone& secondary Lung cancer.Hes 70 & I am 61.Sadly we have no children.Family members have their own lives to lead.I also have my own health issues,osteoarthritis of hips,knees & hands.And acute anxiety.Anyway thanks for letting me join.regards amandah

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  • Support

    Hi Amandah,


    Thank you for joining us on the community and for sharing your experience. Hopefully others reading this can share their own experiences with you. You are also welcome Amandah to get involved with other conversations on the community.


    It’s important to also look after yourself. We know how difficult it can be to take time to do this when you’re a carer. Hopefully the information for carers on our website can be of some help. You can have a look at this information here:


    Can I ask if you have had a carer’s assessment?  In many cases the local authority can provide support for carers and you can discuss with them what you feel your needs are and what is needed to help you care for your husband.


    Being a carer can be physically and emotionally tough and many people tell us that it can be helpful to talk. In addition to the support of this community we are also available with a listening ear on 0800 090 2309 or via our webchat.


    Take care,



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  • Stacey1985

    Hi amandah x terrible world we live in having to deal with these issues. Just saying hi and hope your doing ok :)

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