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  • End of life seaside visit?



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    Hi, OH parent has recently started receiving palliative care. The family have been told it could just be weeks and have just discussed do not resuscitate orders. She is mainly bed bound but can stand for short times with assistance. My question is, is it possible (if oncology and or GP agreed) for her to be taken 10 mins away for a last trip to the seaside? There would need to be 2 x double crew ambulance team to bring her downstairs and a suitable vehicle and wheelchair. Is there anyone who would be able to help make this happen? I wasn't sure the best place to start. Any ideas and suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks.

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  • Clare

    Hello Cazzygirl22, welcome to the Marie Curie community. I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s mother’s diagnosis. A last trip to the seaside sounds a lovely idea and I hope that oncology and her GP feel that it would be ok for her to do this.

    There is a charity called the Ambulance Wish Foundation that offer specialist transport and support to help people make memories like this. My understanding is that they are only able to operate in limited areas though, but you can read more about them here -  Again, depending on her location there is a charity called the HoneyRose Foundation who grant wishes to people over 40 living with a terminal illness. They are in Northwest England

    I’m also wondering if the St John Ambulance would be able to suggest any avenues to make this happen for her? Their contact details are here - Maybe also speak to the hospice in her area to see if they know of any local organisations that may be able to help?

    I hope this will be of some use and maybe others here on the community will have some suggestions to pass on.

    Please do chat on here with us about any other questions you have or if you simply need a listening ear at this time. We are also available on Freephone 0800 090 2309.

    Take care,


    Support Line Team

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