End of life pathway

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    10/03/2016  06:24

    My mum is 88, has dementia and was admitted to hospital two weeks ago after collapsing (happened before possible attention seeking). She was found to have an infection and after one week doctors had almost cleared infection. They wanted to find what caused infection and had concluded that it was a gall stone. She was taken to theatre for investigation and hopefully to clear blockage. However, her oxygen levels reduced dramatically before operation and surgeon decided it was not in her best interest as it could kill her. She then suffered a massive infection in the abdomen and only course of action was surgery which was deemed dangerous. She was very ill at this point and not expected to live very long. All medication was removed and she was left to pass away peacefully. One week later she has had no food or drink and is in no pain that I know of and is awake although talks no sense at all. She rambles most of the time. Is this normal to just let her starve and dehydrate to death? What should I do?