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  • Dad has end Stage Heart Failure



    2 replies

    Hi I'm Laura.  My Dad has end stage heart failure, we knew deep down the end was coming but on Thursday the GP laid it all out in the open.  Just struggling to cope with it all, my Dad lives with me and my sister as he has had heart problems for a number of years.  My sister is carrying on and keeping herself busy but I feel like I am struggling to function and can't stop crying.  We have a palliative nurse coming in the next few days to discuss a plan of how they can help. But my Dad is more worried about me than he is himself.  I don't want to take any tablets but I just feel a bit of a wreck at the moment. 

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  • Clare

    Hello Laura,


    Welcome to the community. We’re sorry to hear about what you are all going through as a family. Even when we know deep down how ill a loved one it is can still feel a huge shock to hear it said out loud and to be given more details. We can all react differently, as you and your sister have found.


    Some people tell us they find it helps them to talk about how they are feeling, and this community is a safe space where you can do this. Palliative care can include support for you as well as your dad and so the nurse who is going to visit may be able to suggest some support options locally for you. Our Support Line is also here for you on Freephone 0800 090 2309.


    It's important to remember to look after yourself during this time, if you need to cry that's okay too. Hopefully others here on the community will also share their experiences and what they have found has helped them.


    Take care,


    Clare – Support Line Team  

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  • rebec12341

    Hey Laura,

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. 

    It's always super hard seeing a loved one deteriorate so quickly. 

    Myself and my family went through a similar thing, I ended up going on autopilot when the rest of my family seemed to be more engaged with what was happening at the time. Sometimes I felt bad for not being as present as it should be. 

    You are not alone. 

    Rebecca xx

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