Could you help us with a new blog?

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    23/05/2019  15:30

    We are hoping to generate a blog focusing on how people select funeral readings or chose the music that is played. We would like this to be informed by people’s experiences. As a team we are aware that the way we say goodbye to our loved ones has become much more diverse and that people are more often wanting a personalised approach.


    At a recent service I attended, family and friends read quotes from her favourite author and we reflected on our relationship with her while listening to the first single she had ever brought! Prompting us all too think about how much her musical taste had very much changed over the years. This prompted conversations with my family and friends about how we would want to be remembered and how this would be best done.


    If this is something you would like to contribute to or take part in, please feel free to respond below or to send me a private message if you would prefer.


    We are aware that this a very personal subject and any information used in the writing of the blog would be anonymous. The blog would be credited to Marie Curie Colleagues, Volunteers and our contributors both via the Community and Social Media.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this post


    Take Care