Collecting for the Daffodil appeal

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    So on Friday afternoon I was collecting for Marie Curie at my local Tesco's and raised £105 in two hours which I though very good. I enjoyed the time collecting and universally the comments I received were positive - "well done"; "great work", etc. 

    So I heartily recommend signing up for a collection or getting involved in some way.



  • 17/03/2015  11:37

     A local tip off I received in Beckenham is that collections at Supermarkets seem to do slightly better than railway stations.  Dressing loudly in garish clothing festooned with daffodils also helps!

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    11/04/2015  13:49

    Hi grumpywelshman,

    Your fund raising seems to have been a great success, and your post will perhaps encourage other people to do the same. Which would be a good thing.

    But moving 'off topic': you don't seem to be, 'all that grumpy'.  I write as someone who, when briefly discussing akas by e-mail with a woman who came up with 'Pollyanna' for herself (I had to Google the name ! - not the reading of my own childhood), settled on Grumpy Bear for myself.