Cancer was cruel now just painfull memories

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    06/05/2016  08:03

    Hun everything your feeling is normal and grief is individual. I stayed positive painted a smile on and denied my grief. It caught up with me ,what your feeling is what you need to feel , so give yourself time and space either alone or with someone and let loose. Shout scream cry you get a sense of relief at taking the wall and pretense down. The worst feeling is being lonley in a crowd full of people, because the one person who understood you is not there. I bottled my grief and anger for too long and ended up exploding over spilling milk. So give yourself a break we are all human . I didnt let myself live i was on auto pilot ,it seemed almost wrong to be normal. But i know that my mum would have kicked me in the behind lol .im here you can private message on here to .feel free anytime hun your not alone .xxx

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    22/05/2016  20:02


    hello Ella to both yourself and Jewels. i agree with you about cancer stealing  people from you i have also lost someone this month. and at the moment it is very raw (see my post}. i get the overwhelming feeling of loneliness when at home so i also hate Cancer. i have  decided to fight back and help by raising money for all the cancer charities i can especially the Marie Curie Charity. who were so good with helping us to try to live whilst she was dying. i also try like jewels to stay positive but keep wondering should i have done his etc. i find that going for walks which we used to enjoy together in her memory and talking to her helps although i know she's gone. She was a very strong person and fought for nearly three years but cancer still won. i also hate cancer and find it hard to deal with the intense emotions so tend to go out with walking groups that don't know me and this also helps as i can just say if asked my wife died from cancer but lets just enjoy the walk and still talk to her silently inside my head as she used to love walking and she would have enjoyed the views with me if she was still here. i may sound as though i am mad but this does help me to remember who she was before cancer took her earlier than her time