Cancer was cruel now just painfull memories

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    25/04/2016  20:03

    People say im sorry for your loss. I didnt misplace or lose my mum,cancer stole her from me!!!@

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    25/04/2016  20:07

    So it took 22 months from start until finish .she was so brave ,so strong . I cared i bathed her , i dried her tears .But cancer still won. I hate cancer , i hate what it does .Cancer has no morals it isnt polite and it is a thief!!!

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    27/04/2016  08:58

    Hi Ella,

    Coming to terms with the death of a loved one can be such an emotional rollercoaster. Grief is a natural response and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.  It is completely normal to feel intense anger and pain – this can be directed at the illness, people or places involved with their care. We have lots of information on grief here:  If you would like to talk about how you are feeling please contact the Support Line on 0800 090 2309.


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    03/05/2016  21:48

    Hi Ella Sorry to hear about your mum. My mam passed away in January from cancer and I'm really finding it hard at the moment to deal with my emotions. I've just joined up and read your post hope you don't mind my message.

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    Hi jewels i can sympathise hun i felt quite loney after losing my mum.i would like to say it gets easier but it doesnt i think that the grief is just settling in and has become part of me. Im not sure if the change in me is positive. If you need someon to talk too , rant anything feel free to message me hun .you dont have to be alone. X

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    06/05/2016  05:13

    Hi Ella, thanks for your message back. It's a bit more reassuring that what I'm feeling is sort of nomal. The last two weeks have been hard as I've felt so lonely. It's hard to talk to family and friends, so I don't. I try to keep positive so that's why I tried this site.I feel like I'm just drifing though the days at the moment x