Can't cope with the loss of my sister

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    03/12/2018  23:41

    Hi, just over 5 years ago I lost my sister in a car accident when I was only 16.

    Being the 'man' I thought I had to be I instinctively tried to repress any emotion I got from this, which initially put me in a very bad place for around a year and a bit. Since then I feel like I have become more positive and overall better but it still doesn't stop me thinking about my sister many many times every single day. Its sometimes something I can't even take my mind off and some days it just consumes me. I really wish I could be completely open with my emotions and let everything just flow out of me but I find it very hard to open up. In fact, most new people I have met in my life within the last 5 years do not even know that this has happened to me.

    I need to find a way to stop having this constantly linger on my mind and bring me down, I need to become more open and emotionally in general, but I don't know where to begin and what to do. I really think this is having a big over arching impact on my life and stopping me from ultimately achieving happiness.

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    Hi youngbird,


    I am so sorry to read about the tragic loss of your sister at such a young age. 

    Many people talk to us about their feelings and emotions when they are bereaved it is not unusual for people to repress their feelings. Have you had the opportunity to talk to somebody about how you are feeling? You are welcome to talk to ourselves, and hopefully others here on the community will be able to offer some support and suggestions.


    I am aware of two specialist charities that help those involved in road traffic accidents you can find them here:



    Take care,

    Brigette - Support Line Team