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  • Can she move nearer to family?



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    My mother in law is awaiting a diagnosis of what we suspect will be late stage bowel cancer. She has also just been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver, her sight has been going for some time and she can no longer climb stairs. She currently lives alone in a bungalow.  She is 79 & getting less and less mobile. She moved away from our area to the seaside 10 years ago and only has elderly cousins nearby. We live 1 1/2 hours away and her other son 2 1/2 hours away. I want to know how difficult it would be to move her to our area with regards to all her medical appointments and care. Would she immediately be eligible for local hospice care (if her condition is terminal)? 

    I just want her near us but I am imagining a nightmare of delays and complications in her care.

    Any information or advice would be most appreciated. 


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  • Support

    Hi Boneyem,


    I am sorry to read of your mother in law’s illness and can understand why you would like her to move closer to you.


    For her to live closer to you, or to move in with you, then she would need register with a local GP.  She would then be able to access health care without a problem, as her medical records etc. would all be transferred.


    If she was to need medical treatment before this was in place, then she would do so via emergency health care as a temporary patient with a GP  - This might cause complications with routine hospital appointments.


    If someone is  not registered in a certain area and required Hospice care, the hospice concerned would have to agree for an out of area referral. You would need to be aware that these requests are not always agreed; permission for out of area care has to be agreed by those providing the care whether that’s a GP, Hospital or Hospice.


    If you plan to move your Mother-in-law after she has been diagnosed as terminal straight to a local hospice (where care has already been agreed), it is important that you bear in mind that this may be a difficult journey for her and potentially you may need to cover the costs of a private ambulance if she is unable to travel by car.



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  • boneyem

    Thank you Brigette

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