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  • Anyone wishing to hear my views on dealing with terminal cancer please contact



    2 replies

    Hi everyone, my wife died from cancer on the 19th dec 2013- I am now at a point where I would like to help anyone who is dealing with the above-my views are based on what we both went through and how we dealt with it.

    What I hoped I had done differently and the care and treatment we rec from hospitals/n.urses etc.

    On diagnosis it was clear it was terminall and how we both dealt with that along with friends&family

    Nothing can prepare you for this experience-I can offer as much information or as little.

    my wife was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer which is uncommon so anyone diagnosed with this particular cancer please get in touch-apologies for couple of spelling mistakes! its the computeri

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  • knicol

    Edited by admin 9 years ago

    Hi can anyone who has sent me a thread or question re the above please send to xxxxxx as I have tried to reply through this forum but have been unable to do so. thank you

    Edited to remove email address as that's against our community guidelines. We'll be in touch to help with any problems with private messages you're having.

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  • Amatissimi

    May I ask what the prognosis was from diagnosis? My father has just been diagnosed with the same. Thank you.

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