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  • Adjusting to life after caring



    2 replies

    Edited by MarkWilkin 9 years ago

    It can be hard to adjust to life when your role as a carer ends. There will be many activities that have been part of your daily routine that you don't need to do any more and not having these responsibilities can be a shock. We talk about this and dealing with your feelings in our Adjusting to life after caring guide.

    Just remember you're not alone. If this is something you're going through or you've been through this and want to talk about your experience please post about it here.


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  • eveangel15

    I did all I could for my nan as I'm a carer I just jumped in and did what I could this whole year has been about treatment and getting her better an we did complete the treatment for breast cancer an we was so happy then the news came that it had spread and in 48 hours she had gone she was like my mother the only person in this whole world that I could depend on regardless of anything and now I got nothing to do and no one to turn to I feel empty and lost I wake most nights and for a split second think that this hasn't happened but then the shakes an sickness feeling hit me and I realise she's still missing from my life

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  • MarkWilkin

    Sorry to hear it's so hard eveangel15, learning how to adjust when you're no longer a carer is a difficult one. We talk about some things that might help in our help pages but one of the most important things is looking after yourself and also allowing other people to look after you. You can search on our In Your Area page and on the Carers UK website for local groups who can help.

    We're also running a Q&A session with one of our counsellors about this at the moment, so if there's anything you want to talk about drop a post in that thread and Jane will answer tomorrow.

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