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  • Clare

    Hi Janetg,


    It's positive to read that you've made some progress with the nursing homes, and that you've found your way to the one in Worcester. It sounds as though you have been very busy and productive in sorting a few problems out, including your terriers even if they didn’t really want you to!


    If you ever want to talk to someone about the symptoms your husband may be experiencing, we have nurses on our Support Line, who can provide clinical information and support and you can read more about them here  -


    ​You're welcome to use our community as often as you like, it's exactly what it’s here for, take care, 



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  • janetg

    Not much point in catching this up but: we got him transferred to a nursing home.  Ruddy ridiculous that our property is bang smack on the Worcs/Shrops boundary.  We were in Worcs for hosptals - but in Shrops for Nursing homes.  Thankfully he was moved to a very good nursinghome (not that I saw much of it - it was on total lockdown from the start.)

    5 days later I got that phone call - and rushed to be there: I was 5 minutes too late. Then all the faff about funerals - seems you can't get a death cetificate over Easter week-end - and we needed that to get him to local funeral directors - does it really matter, as when the funeral can be arranged, it will be limited to 10 mourners.  Friends have been on the phone and by e-mail - not a good tie for hotmail to block my e-mails, or his computer to die too: along with two scanners!  But I guess I'll muddle through!

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  • Clare

    I’m really sorry to hear about the recent death of your husband Janetg. 

    Other families are telling us that all the changes to arranging and holding a funeral caused by coronavirus are making this time feel harder than it already would be sadly, please don’t hesitate to continue to talk on here as and when you need to.


    I’d also just like to make you aware of our telephone bereavement support service which can offer you a confidential space to discuss your feelings and emotions. If you wish to you can read more about this here -


    You could certainly have done without the IT problems you’ve had when friends have been trying to contact and offer their support. I hope these issues have been rectified now.


    Take care



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