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  • What to expect with Lung Cancer



    1 reply

    Hi, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. He’s had 2 rounds of radiotherapy, one in 2018 and another a couple of months ago on the other lung as it is now in both lungs.

    He doesn’t have anymore treatment options left but we haven’t yet been given a timeline. He’s 83.

    Does anyone know what you can expect towards the end with lung cancer. He has been told that he more than likely will require oxygen at home soon. Towards the end, do people tend to become more tired? Is there any signs that things are on the downturn?

    I know everyone is different but I feel like I need to have some kind of idea of what each step might be like.

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  • Alexia

    Hello MrsY. Welcome to the Marie Curie Community. We are sorry to read about your dad’s diagnosis. It is understandable to want to be able to prepare yourself. And you may have lots of questions.

    As you say everyone is different. Have you considered talking to a healthcare professional involved in your dad’s care? If you are able to speak to your Dad’s GP, you might want to ask what support there is available and if they are able to make a referral to a Palliative care Team who can be there to answer questions you and your dad may have and help guide you.

    If you wanted to call us to speak to a nurse on our support line you can also do that, they will be able to give you some generalized and practical information. Our support Line number is Freephone 0800 090 2309.

    If you would like to talk to us, we are here on the support line and offer a listening ear and emotional support.

    We hope other people will be able to share their experience with you within the community this is a safe space to share how you are feeling and to ask any questions you may have.

    Take Care

    Alexia-Support Line Officer

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