Unexpectedly upset.

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    04/06/2017  19:34

    A little background: I had been separated from my husband for 17 years. Before that, we had been together for 31 years. We never divorced and remained distantly friendly - contact maybe once a month, remembering birthdays and so on. Also, in an emergency, the other would come when called - e.g. 'I've crashed the car and my dog's stuck at home'. That sort of thing aside, we both lived independently - I'm reclusive but content with my own company.

    A couple of days ago, I learnt by accident that my husband had died. The fact is not a surprise as he had cancer, but the fact that I was not told, and missed the funeral, has upset me a lot. I don't know an exact date, or cause, or who's dealing with the estate. Or anything really.

    I'm a mixture of shocked, sad and angry, but as we were well and truly separated, this seems peculiar. I suppose it will wear off. Sorry - I just needed to get this off my chest...