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  • terminal pancreatic/lung mets



    3 replies


    Just joined the forum today. I had whipples op back in 2013, and then six months of chemo. I was then told that it was terminal and opted to do clinical trials as I hope it can help others in my situation. Another six months of chemo and sadly no benefit from trials. I have arranged my funeral, and it is all payed for, and I also have a living will and a DNR statement. My husband and I have had a lovely holiday, and we are spending lots of time with our daughter and grandchildren. Live life to the full, and make lots of happy memories. We are all here for a very short time so make the most of it.XXX

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  • Caza

    Edited by Caza 8 years ago

    Hi Vonny11,

    Sorry to hear that  you have not benefited from the trials, you sound like a very courageous lady with a lot of fight and determination. "Are there no over trials or treatments available to you?"

    Our footsteps lead the way for a cure for our brothers and sisters around the world, so our parting is not in vain but a celebration of things to come... we are their hope and future our dreams are carried forward in their hearts and minds. So stand proud little soldiers and follow the rainbow to the other side.

    Love from Caza xxx

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  • vonny11

    Hi Caza,

    Nothing new for me to try, and think I have had enough of being messed about. Its been a battle to get this far. To add insult to injury our landlord wants to sell the bungalow we rent. We have been given two months to find another place. Our names are down on the council house list so hopefully we will find somewhere suitable soon. Hey ho all sent to try us. Take care.

    Yvonne xxx

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  • Caza

    Edited by Caza 8 years ago

    Dear Yvonne,

    Sorry to hear your news it's a pity that some people can not show a little more compassion like your land lord, does he know about your current situation?

    What some people don't realise is that we are all dependent on one another and we are all unique and equal,them on the top rung of the ladder get their strength from those that support it below, so may be we should wobble it abit. 

    I am confident the council will find you some where soon, I send you all my love because believe it or not some of us truly do care

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