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  • Struggling to cope.



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    Husband has terminal lung cancer , oncologist has said he has about 4 months to live. That was in july. He has been offered 3 sessions of chemo and immunotherapy every 3 weeks. He had the first session 5 weeks ago but had a heart attack the second week after chemo. His next session is in 2 days time. In 5 weeks he has gone from being able to walk short distances to barely being able to stand. He is so weak now.. he is very frightened and upset. So am I. I am his sole carer, I am so very upset because I'm losing him.. its unbearable, like a knot inside of me that is so painful.. all I want to do is cry and sob all the time. We have only been together 6 years and married for 3 years. He is 67, and I'm 56. He was such a strong and confident man, now he is like a skeleton, he cant sleep and he is so frightened. . I just cant go on without him.

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  • Brigette

    Hi Dawnh,

    We are sorry to read about your husband's diagnosis and everything you are both experiencing. It is very normal for people to find change upsetting and it sounds like your husband's well being has changed rapidly over the last few weeks.

    You talk about having a painful knot inside of you and we are are very aware that emotions can have a physical impacts on our body;crying can help to release some of that stress and tension. Many people tell us talking can help and the Community can be a safe space for your to talk about how you are doing. Hopefully others will be able to share their experiences with you. 

    Can I ask are you getting any help or support with caring for your husband? If you have any specific questions please do let us know. 

    Take care 

    Brigette - Support Line Officer. 

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