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  • Struggling



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    I'm not sure what to write or how to write it but here goes. I lost my grandad on the 30th of October. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in June and started treatment almost straight away. They decided he was going to have a trial drug instead of chemotherapy. Before he started his treatment he seemed fine one minute the next he was really poorly. He ended up having to stay in hospital for quite a while and for my grandparents flat to be changed to suit his needs. After everything had been sorted out he finally came home. 6 days later he passed away unexpectedly. Now I'm constantly struggling, I feel like I can't cope with anything anymore. I was always close with him. I just don't know what to do anymore!

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  • Samantha

    Hello Aliciatamsin,


    I’m sorry to read about the loss of your grandad, who you were so close to, and to hear how you are feeling.


    You mention in your post that you are constantly struggling and feel like you can’t cope with anything anymore. Have you tried to talk to anybody about this? During the early stages of grief, it’s not unusual to be unsure of how to cope. Whilst the loss of your grandad is still very recent, if you are concerned about anything, your GP should be able to talk to you about what can be expected after the loss of a loved one, and what support may be available to help you with this.


    People often tell us that reading about grief and talking about how you are feeling can be beneficial. We feature information about grieving in your own way and the typical stages of grief on our website here: .


    When it comes to talking about how you’re feeling, some people will choose to talk to those that they are close to, and others find it a helpful experience to talk to someone outside of their family and friends. Our Support Line is here to offer a listening ear to anyone that needs to talk on Freephone 0800 090 2309, or you can continue to talk to us through our online community here if you would prefer.


    Take care,

    Sam – Marie Curie Support Line Team

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