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  • Staying in home of deceased brother



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    My wife and I moved from Illinois to Texas 4 months ago to care for her brother. He passed away 4-5 days ago. Now the family members that refused to help when he needed them are trying to kick us out of his home. They shouldn't have a legal leg to stand on, but want to be sure. HELP?!

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  • Support

    Hi WeeManMarine1,


    I am sorry to read about the recent death of your brother.  Marie Curie is a UK based charity and here at the Support Line we don’t have any legal training so unfortunately, I cannot provide any information about your right to remain in his home. You would need to seek some legal advice in Texas.


    However, if you need any emotional support or a space to talk about how you are feeling or coping with your situation you are very welcome to continue posting with us.


    Take care



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