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    Hi. My MIL has stomach cancer t4 inoperable and had EOX chemo treatment last year. She's recently had a scan which showed it's spread through her lymph nodes so now she's due to start paclitaxel chemo weekly for 3 weeks then a weeks break and so on for 18 weeks. It's going to be given via a picc line. It's palliative chemo only so we know it's to try and control the cancer and prolong her life but has any one had any positive experiences of this chemo? The leaflet suggests rather a lot of side effects, is it likely she may experience some of these? On the EOX chemo she was really quite poorly. Thanks for any replies in advance. Xx

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    Hi WelshKC


    I am sorry to read about your Mother-in-law’s diagnosis. It is understandable that you wish to know more about the possible side effects you have read about, and other people’s experiences of this chemotherapy. As well as looking for personal experiences, you may also find it helpful to talk this through with a nurse. While we do not have nurses here at the Marie Curie Support Line, we are aware of charities which do. They may be able to help you with any questions you have in relation to any medication and treatments which your Mother-in-law is due to receive. Macmillan Support Line number is: 0808 800 0000. Also, Cancer Research Support Line number is: 0808 800 4040.


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