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  • Not coping



    4 replies

    After being first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, I had surgery followed by gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Great I thought that's it and went on like that for 3 years (cancer free) so I thought. Then in 2014 noticing a small lump in my neck thought ummm this doesn't feel right. Off I go to the hospital, tests and scans to see what it was. This is when I heard these 3 devastating words Metastic breast cancer. NO CURE!!! Well nobody told me this could happen, why? Well as you can imagine lots and lots of questions went through my mind. My kids OMG how will we tell them? How long? Will it hurt? At 37 I thought right, I can do this but now nearly 2 years after the "terminal" diagnosis I just feel so overwhelmed with all the emotions I'm feeling. I cannot cope mentally anymore. HELP!

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  • Support

    Hi Klf2911,

    I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis, and I want to reassure you that it is normal to feel overwhelmed. It often helps to talk about how you’re feeling – either to family and friends, or to a specialist breast cancer nurse which many hospitals should have. We also have information on our website about how to cope with and live with a terminal illness which might be helpful - you can find it here: There is also some specific information on talking to children about your illness and diagnosis here: You might want to discuss this with somebody before talking to the children and we can help you with that on our Support Line (T.0800 090 2309) if you would like us to. We understand it can be hard to pick up the phone and ask for help, but please be assured that we will take things at your pace and would love to try and help you further. Take care.


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  • Caza

    Hi Klf2911,

     I hear you calling dear friend, I have terminal Lung Cancer, confirmed 11/12/2016.

    I was told I may have as little as six months to live, my aim is to prove them wrong.

     Be assured that you are not alone like soldiers we clear the way for the rest of humanity,

    No one said this one-way journey would be easy, be brave for we stand united, our hearts and souls are one and together we can reach for the stars.

    The future shall bring fourth a cure for them left remind and in them we shall be rembered

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  • Sandylo

    Hello there I know what it’s like to have a terminal diagnosis. I had mine 7 years ago and I’m still going strong after two horrible operations, two lots of radiotherapy and two lots of chemo. I have a fairly rare thymic cancer which spread to my other organs. My 4b tumour was removed and I was lucky to survive the op never mind survive 7 (hopefully). I can’t talk to anyone..least of all family or friends it’s just too yackie. But sometimes I just want to scream and cry, so I really do know how you feel. Just push it back into the box in your mind and TRY to ignore it just for today..........and then tomorrow.

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  • Support

    Hi Sandylo,


    I am sorry to read about your diagnosis and that you feel you have nobody to talk to about it. Being able to express how you are feeling is part of looking after your wellbeing and if you find it too yackie to talk to friends and relatives then I just want to let you know that the Support Line is always available to provide a listening ear and emotional support. You may find some of the information here helpful:


    If you would like to talk about things in more detail please call our Free phone Support Line on 0800 090 2309, or drop us a line via Web Chat:


    Best Wishes




    Marie Curie Support Line 

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