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    Hey I'm very new to this. Honestly I don't even know where to start. My dad was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer the end of January, last week we were told he only had roughly 2 months left. He has gone down hill so quickly. He has always said he wants to be at home in the end, we respect that and we have fought for it. He is home and happier but as much as I expected this to be tough going my thoughts and feelings are not even close to how I feel now. Does the anxiety ever ease off even a little?

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  • Hannah11

    Hello Shell87,


    Welcome and thank you for joining our Online Community. We’re sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis and all you are experiencing.


    It’s positive to hear that you were able to achieve dad’s wish to be at home. We can appreciate that this can come with its own challenges. Are you receiving any help with your dad’s care?


    We feature some information on our website that you may find useful to take a look at. The information is tailored to people who are caring for someone with a terminal illness. You can find it here:


    People often share that they experience a range of different emotions as a carer, you mentioned that you are experiencing some anxiety, are you happy to share more about this?


    Thank you for sharing with us and others. We hope that others will see your post and share their experiences with you.


    Take care,


    Hannah – Support Line Officer

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